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What Is The Degree Of Automatic Production Of Water Dancing Bubble Column?

- Jun 26, 2017 -

The water moves back and forth in the bubble column, making an environment full of life. People are also increasingly opting for water-dancing bubbles to be customized. Water Dance bubble Column customization of automated production level?
Water Dance Bubble column lighting is not high degree of automation, to hand-bonding, grinding, cutting parts can be partially automated. The automatic engraving machine can complete the complicated shape cutting and the precise opening work, making the bubble wall and the Water dance screen manufacture enter the semi-automatic stage.
Cutting is the production of bubble wall and water dance screen essential process, the cutting precision of materials directly affect the size of the product precision. Only with higher precision equipment to cut out the precision of acrylic plate. In the past is to push the Taiwan saw manual cutting, master to repeatedly measure the size of the plate to ensure the accuracy of the cut out, so it is time-consuming and laborious, with this device, everything becomes so simple, just do a good job of the figure.

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