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Summary Of The Water Dance Screen

- Jun 26, 2017 -

LED screen decorative lamp, also known as Water dance screen, water dance bubbles, bubble column, acrylic bubble wall, is a color changeable LED lighting and water dance bubbles as one of the decorative lamps, it will be LED lighting technology and water curtain bubble combined to create a more rich visual effect. Products high-grade and delicate, the atmosphere and both aesthetic, stylish and show elegance. Driven by the motor, the flow of the screen in a graceful, elegant posture, countless bubbles rising, changes, like the beautiful flowers of the heaven and earth, the lovely fish in which to swim happily, added a lot of fun, with a variety of romantic, elegant lighting, create a dream also illusory aesthetic realm, the overall visual effect is very strong and shocking. The water screen is full of originality, completely changed the previous static decorative products of the rigid and single, for the consumer's life brought a new sense of pleasure, widely used in office buildings, indoor homes, clubs, beauty centers, hotels and other places, and can be for partition, porch, background wall and feng shui decorations. In addition, the production of a large number of negative ions at the same time, but also constantly increase the humidity of the air, so that people in the visual enjoyment of the same time can breathe fresh, moist air.

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